Cubase 10.5 Pro, Inserts problem

It could be related to a performance issue. Running windows 10 on an I5 with 16GB RAM. But the same problem arises even on the smallest project and I never have performance problems of ANY sort in 10.

Performance meter shows very little activity

When I restart my PC I can still maintain and enter inserts in 10.5. After a while suddenly the attached screen appears prohibiting any maintenance of or adding inserts. If I close 10.5 and open the same project in 10 there is no problem, nor have I ever had a similar problem in 10.

If I restart my PC for a while again I can maintain inserts then it re-occurs.

10.5 utterly useless as of this time.



The attached window is Channel Settings window, you can open via clicking to a dedicated button, via Key Command or via hardware remote. What exactly is “wrong” at this window, please?

Sorry, I can’t see any link between this window and any performance issue.

Look at the left column, where you choose an Insert, in this example it shows inserts that I had added, but NOW I cant access that column at all, change inserts, add etc. Its the same if I try from the mixer window. It should be clear to see what I mean. The squiggly lines, and it LOOKS completely wrong, anyway I can not access ANY plugins in this state. Probably has nothing to do with performance in retrospect. Does this happen to no-one else ?


In the bottom part of the Inspector, it is switched to the Routing tab. Just switch it back to the Inserts tab. Is this what you mean?

I thought this would be a lot easier to describe. Attached are 2 screen shots, CORRECT shows how the insert strip should look. WRONG shows how it is missbehaving in 10.5. And like i said, if I restart my PC, for w while 10.5 behaves correctly, then suddenly it goes wrong. Which wasd the reason I was suspecting its accumulating resources and not freeing them. but thats just a typoe of gut feeling.

I hope you now see what the problem is.

p.s. please forgive my typo

As Martin has said - you are looking at the plugins in the routing tab NOT the inserts tab.

Bottom left hand corner of your screenshots - ‘Inserts’ and ‘Routing’.

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