Cubase 10.5 Pro installation

Hello. I’m getting ready to buy and install Pro 10.5. I have a PC and Windows 10. I currently have Cubase LE installed along with an E-licenser. My question:

  1. I understand I have an option to dismiss or delete the USB licenser for Pro 10.5…during the checkout process. IS the licenser for Pro 10.5 separate and a physical USB… OR…my current E-licenser for LE (which I already have) is all I need for Pro 10.5? Please clear this up.
  • thanks a lot.


The Elicenser for Pro is physical USB. As also explained on the shop page.

You must have a USB licenser to plug into your computer to use Cubase Pro. If you already have a USB licenser you do not need to buy another one. (USB licenser looks similar to a USB memory stick).

You cannot use the software eLicenser with Cubase Pro. It will only work with the physical plug in USB device.

Thank you.

Thank you as well.