Cubase 10.5 pro not recording instruments

I just bought Cubase 10.5 Pro and am running into issues recording and playing back tracks. I am running my guitar through my Focusrite scarlett gen 2 to my pc to my DAW. Out back through my focusrite scarlett gen 2 headphones/speakers. I have set up my inputs/outputs to play through my external audio interface(focusrite scarlett gen 2) in the audio connects and studio setup tabs. I made sure the connects were active. all device ports are set to input/output 1.

When I record my guitar, I can see that the daw is picking up the signal. the levels are in the green. the monitor is on and I can hear myself playing. When I play back the track, it is grey and there is no sound playing playing back.

please help.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure the Monitor button is disabled once you play it back, please.