Cubase 10.5 pro only exports low quality mono audio files

Hi All, hope you guys are doing well.
So I did a recent audio mixdown and I found the audio quality rough. It was late yesterday and I decided to not fret over it. Today I listened it again, compared to what I was listening in Cubase and yes, it is worse. After some investigation with audacity, the mixdown is in mono! I tried changing a lot of export option and I can’t make it stereo and good quality at all! Please help.

Cubase projects --> 48khz and 24 bits
Audio interface is a RME fireface UFX II --> MADI face is 48khz and 24 bits as well.

I’m using a windows 10 64 bit and Cubase Pro 10.5.0.
I’ll try to update cubase and RME driver in the mean time.

All help is appreciated.
Thanks in Advance!

Hi and welcome,

Attach the Export Audio Mixdown window screenshot, please.