Cubase 10.5 Pro Trial

Could I please get another trial license? I never really got to try the software and i’m considering purchase to see how I can work from Cubasis 3 to Cubase 10.5 Pro.

When I briefly tried it I noticed it didn’t support HiDPI but after reading in the forums it looks like it can be activated. I’d like to do some more testing before purchase. I’ve tried resubmitting for a trial but I never get the email link. Any help or direction? I have an e-licenser…


This is user forum. No one from the users can help with licenses. I would recommend to raise Steinberg support ticket.

Yes, Cubase 10.5 does support HiDPI.


Steinberg support is really non-existent. That’s why I opted to try this forum. There’s been no response…which makes one wonder if you’ll actually get support if you have a real issue after purchase. These guys are weird…I’ll look elsewhere.