Cubase 10.5 PRO update issue (License activation)


I recently updated my Cubase from 10 to 10.5.
I downloaded the update from the official website for free.

When I start the program I see “You have not activated your Cubase Pro 10 license permanently yet”

When I try to purchase the Cubase 10.5 update, it says my account already exists and so I can’t proceed to the payment page.
I don’t want to create another account for the update. I would like to use my original account where I made other purchases.

What can I do to solve this issue?

Hi and welcome,

Please be aware Cubase 10.5 is paid update. With Cubase 10 license you cannot start Cubase 10.5. Cubase 10 is actually Cubase 10.0.x license.