Cubase 10.5 Pro - Update or fresh install

Dumb question here. Is it best to do a fresh install of Cubase 10.5 Pro or run the update over the currently installed 10 Pro?

I ask because I’m not sure if 10.5 installs as a complete package (even if you run the update). I want to be able to remove 10 Pro over time and not lose any components.

Either way you will get a new installation of Cubase.
It will not write over the top of the current program.
One way you will have both programs, the other just the new one. There are some common libraries that are separate to the version folder which are not duplicated which is why the update may be smaller.

I always install beside the previous version, mainly to be safe in case the new program doesn’t work for me in some way.

Thanks Nic. So it’s similar to previous updates.

I’m wondering about the viability of installing and running two seperate and discrete (no shared components) versions. Crazy talk I know.

No that works just fine. You can open one project in 10.5, another in 10.0 and a third in 8.5 etc. simultaneously.

This is independent of whether you did a full install or update.

Cubase never uses shared components between different versions. Even when you update you still end up with an entirely separate installation for each version. When you update it copies common components from the old installation to the new one whereas when you do a full install it downloads those components to install them. I almost always use the updates because it is so much faster to skip the huge download for stuff I’ve already downloaded once. So far (knock on wood) it has never been an issue.

Thanks Nic.