Cubase 10.5 Pro won’t import .musicxml

Hello, if I try to import .musicxml files into my Cubase 10.5 Pro, this is not possible, even with the score editor open…
All .MusicXML files are shown greyed out - as if they were in a wrong format…
Any help welcome.
ps: new iMac with macOS 10.15.4
The .musicxml files are exports from MuseScore.
pss: .midi files do import…


Could you share one example file, please?

Dear Martin,

thank you for your reply.
The whole thing seems to be - as it turns out now - probably a licensing issue.
Cubase Trial was installed on iMac and a license was put onto a USB-dongle (probably not necessary). Then after buying the full Pro version license, buying a new powerful 27" iMac 32GB, the application was transferred via TimeMachine backup to the new computer. With inserted dongle it showed up as activated Pro version. But as the MusicXML import does not work, probably something went wrong during transfer. I think, we will have to get a new activation code in the MySteinberg account. Will keep you updated (at the moment re-downloading complete Cubase Pro 10.5.2 onto new computer, just in case . . . ).


Your Cubase Trial… was it Cubase Pro Trial or Cubase Elements Trial?

For Cubase Pro, the license sits on the USB-eLicenser and it’s the application independent. So I don’t think it’s a license issue.

The trial was Cubase Pro. Can’t Cubase Pro not be licensed via Soft-eLicense?


No, Cubase Pro cannot be licensed via Soft-eLicenser. You definitely need USB-eLicenser for Cubase Pro.

Ok, thank you Martin, this is clear now (I was confused - because Dorico Pro - another Steinberg product I use - can actually run on the Soft-eLicenser).


That’s correct.

ok., MusicXMl files will only import, when the file format is xyzmusic.xml and not xyz.musicxml (this is how MuseScore exports).
Anyway, once this issue is solved, something else:
Cubase will always open a new project*, when importing a music.xml file.
How to get Cubase to import into the present project?

*…Import …MusicXML … navigate to the .xml file, select it, press Enter (=Open) - what happens next is: another window appears (to choose, where the new project should be saved), then, by pressing Enter a second time a new Cubase project will open with the music.xml file as Midi tracks.


*.musicxml is not a proper file format. It doesn’t meet the standard.

Unfortunately importing *.XML always creates a new project. There is no way around.

importing *.XML always creates a new project. There is no way around.

thanks for your answer, that explains it.
Is there a reasoning behind this behaviour?
In contrary MIDI files can be imported into an existing project.
Thank you for helping.


Sorry, I don’t know the reason.