Cubase 10.5 problems :(

Fresh install of Windows 10 - Formatted SSDs and tested for health (all top notch). Completely cleaned out my computer too and reorganized. I figure it was a good time to just start fresh.

I have to admit, I am a little upset because I just paid $70 for an update that doesn’t seem like much of an update in regard to features.

  1. Retrospective recording simply doesn’t work. I tried to retrospectively import a midi track that I just did and it just came out blank. It imported a 4 bar blank block.

NOTE: I just tested it again and it worked. It didn’t work when I needed it to work though :frowning:

  1. Render in place doesn’t work properly. I assigned a 1 bar tail. No tail.

  2. First project I did gave a “Serious error”. I was unable to recover the project. I did manage to get tracks imported via the “import tracks from another project” so not all was lost.

  3. Midi notes are STILL being recorded about 1/16th note early. This has been an ongoing frustration since Cubase 3.0. This isn’t an issue with Reason. I’ve tried to switch to another DAW but I’ve been using Cubase for so long that I’ve found myself weighing what is more frustrating: learning to do simple tasks with another DAW or just moving my midi performances. I believe audio recordings are also off sync too but I am not 100% certain. I had to move some audio around after a performance.

  4. Native Instrument’s Battery is performing in some really weird manner that I’ve never seen before. It keeps on playing even after the track is stopped. I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes trying to figure out why the hell it sounds all funky. Turns out that battery was still playing when I’d stop and restart playback quickly.

  5. My Midi controller (Native Instruments Kontrol S61) is sending modulation data even when nothing has moved. I can’t say this is NI’s software because it wasn’t an issue with Cubase 10

    This was all discovered in about 1 hour of usage. I think I’m just going to go back to version 10.0 or maybe just bite the bullet and learn a whole new DAW. I love Cubase and Steinberg has always treated me AWESOME! No complaints about the company but the early midi recordings and crashes are coming to a head. It’s really impeding upon production.

Another note: I’ve been using Cubase for mostly audio for the last several years so the midi thing really hasn’t been an issue. But in retrospect, I think I’ve veered away from midi productions because of this very frustrating issue that seems to be constant. In the years I’ve used Cubase I’ve changed computers, controllers and audio interfaces. Again, I can only point this to Cubase. I am using an Alienware Aurora R7 that was purchased in January of 2019. All of my tech is up to date.


Now that I think about it, there is one complaint about Steinberg but it’s probably due to their outsourced customer service. I was on the chat yesterday and the chat dropped 3 different times. The rep would come in, not say anything, and then I’d get kicked off the chat. After waiting and waiting again, business hours ended and I was out of luck. So, there is one customer service issue. But aside from that, they’ve always been really friendly and helpful.

Another bug: Metronome setup doesn’t work. It just plays the same metronome regardless and ignores the volume changes too. Ugh! I’m sorry to say but I will never get an update as soon as its released from any company.

When creating expression maps, assigning remote key funcrion is broken. That’s because when you click on “set remote keys”, the whole GUI is chopped off in that window.

In Win 10, if you try to change DAW color scheme from preferences while the sampler track is up a sound loaded, Cubaae freezes and requires a force close+restart.

I can’t export “Selected tracks” anymore - C 10.5 freezes and stops talking to me. Showstopper for working with my large template.
Anybody else same experience?
UPDATE: actually it IS working but it is track count dependent, i.e. more tracks the project contains in total the longer the wait. In my main template it takes about 10 minutes (!) until Cubase revitalizes ad opens the window for path selection after I clicked Export | “Selected tracks”.
On the opposite: small project, few tracks -> old behaviour without any wait when exporting selected tracks.
BTW: importing tracks from a large project template (2480 tracks) renders C10.5 also unsusable for 20 min. I tested that in N10: 1. new empty project -> import all files from large template (2480 tracks) project -> finished after 14 sec. (!).

Another one: Project|“Colorize selected tracks” is not working! Not even on a single track!

I having trouble when importing tracks from another project, the tracks never show up in the project, only in the pool, trying to figure out if I’m doing something wrong or it’s a bug… :confused:

If you think something is broken, post a repro sequence to permit someone to test your issue.

The lists of issues in this thread have variety of causes, and there’s no way to verify any of them without this info.

Certainly you’ll get better responses if you post each separately.

Allegro, echoing what Steve just said, try to post your bugs in the following format. Every single beta I’ve been involved with has requested basically the same type of format for reporting bugs to make it easy to identify the issue and reproduce. If you can stick to this format, I think you’d be a great candidate for a Steinberg tester considering how many issues you found in such a short period of time.

Brief Description:
X feature doesn’t work when Y action occurs, resulting in Z unexpected behavior.

Pre-Condition (optional):
Does any specific preference need to be enabled, or maybe it’s only on old projects, or maybe a particular plugin format. That type of stuff would go here.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open a new project
2. Do this
3. Do that
4. Now do this other thing

Expected Results: The thing is supposed to work like this.

Actual Results: What’s happening instead is this other behavior.

Keep it high-level. Operating system+version. Maybe audio interface and graphic card if you think either could be a factor.

I understand what you’re saying. I did post this in the issues section with a better format. Here’s the link if anyone wants to confirm/reproduce this:
Do you think I should be even more specific or is this good enough?

Appreciate your help. I have quite a few bugs to report (also a feature breaking bug related to expression map remote keys) but I wonder if someone will read these reports or not.

If you’re in the US or EU open a ticket with the support dept. using the format Funkybot outlined.

If you want forum members to read the report and confirm that it’s indeed a bug and not a local system problem or user error, post it in the format requested –one issue per post– so other forum members can test your sequence and report back, and have a sensible conversation about it.

If you want to link to another post of yours, include a link in the text of your post, not a screen grab of your post.

I have opened two support tickets right after looking at 10.5. So I can only encourage everyone to open support tickets to their official ticket system. Once opened you will hopefully get attention and if nothing is going to happen you have a reference where you can feed their support backend with stauts requests etc.
Worked for me best for 2 issues in 10.0
Now the suluggish GUI requires again new tickets…it is a shame

And ‘Expression Map’ does not function normally as it triggers. During playback, the expression map is randomly initialized and sound gets messed up.

This is the weakest and most flawed Qubis update .
1-I will never be able to import in this version when importing audio I’m facing a crash.
2-when editing in to the audio editor im not hear metronome track.
3-Software graphics are viewed with a serious look.
I’m sorry I bought this version :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I second this - recent problems with this same issue have me coming back to this forum in the vain hope of an answer.
I have been a Cubase user for around 16 years and this version has seriously got me thinking of switching DAW. At the very least I’m probably going back to v 7 which is the last version I have on my system still. If there are bugs on release that’s one thing, but I am so utterly disappointed in the lack of action to fix the many, many errors present in v10.5 even after the update.

I have taken a look through the ‘issues’ sub-forum and it is simply depressing. I have personally reported a repeatable automation bug in the manner they ask, and nothing is done about it. The ‘mute’ function doesn’t always respond to automation commands in the right circumstances, hardly an issue that we should expect any problems with at all.
I am writing this in November 2020 so hold out little hope of any more free update to those who paid out for 10.5 . Steinberg, you have really let your customers down on this one.