Cubase 10.5/RME Cards Ping Issues

Hello everybody!

I hope someone can help me. I use Cubase 10.5 I currently use BURL B80 (MADI) + B2 DAC ADC (AES EBU) connected to RME AIO and MADI pcie cards… Since I use many Hardware FX, Compressors and so on I need to figure out the delay compensation with the ping on the External FX little window. It works flawlessly at 44,1 & 48 KHz; the printed files are in phase with the original ones. When I work above 88,2 KHz the ping just does not work and the printed files end up 118 samples BEFORE the original files. It’s really annoying… I figure out the record shift perfectly but this bug (?) is really annoying considering I mostly use hardware gear.
Just as you know I tried to clock in every way, making the ram masters or slaves but nothing changes. It seems the issue is only related to hi sample rates. A friend has Raydat RME with mytek converters and the ping works…


Can someone please help me out?

Thank you all!

Michele Luppi