Cubase 10.5 script for Montage v3.5

Is it there some friend Who developed the Montage v.3.5 script for cubase 10.5?

If by script you mean a MIDI Remote script then you are out of luck since MIDI Remotes were introduced with Cubase 12 are are not available in earlier versions of Cubase.

Hi Raino,
Thank you for your reply.
I meant the script for Montage to load in Cubase the performances/patch for recalling them via MIDI as Bank/Program Change. The script should enable the Montage management through MIDI as explained in the Cubase 10.5 manual (page 479 - Management of MIDI device) and will contain all the Bank and Performances resident in it. There are already scripts for many keyboard (Yamaha too) but not for Montage.