cubase 10.5 smells bad !

can anybody tell me where rewind and fast forward is ?! coz it’s not on my transportpanel . it really anoing to work on a project if I use the keyboard to play and not being able to use the transportpanel to go back to start. when I use the keyborad to play, the key command dont work. also the letters on the meny on top are hardly visible. and when I open a midi track to edit . the note is so small I can hardly see it and the tools dont work on edit in midi track. the color on tracks are so bright that it hurts my eyes, I set brightness on minimun on prefrence, but still they shine. I need to use sunglasses when I work on a project. and many of the icons and functionalities have been changed so much that I dont understand them anymore. is something worong with my PC or is it cubase ?

It looks like there is a divider to the right of of your Transport buttons. Drag it to the right so that there is more room for additional Transport buttons. The number of buttons that are available to view on the toolbar is often more than many monitors can visibly display. So you need to use the ‘gear’ icons to set what you want to see or hide.

You may think you set the brightness to minimum in Preferences - but based on your screen shots you clearly didn’t do that. There are a lot of different controls in Preferences so you most likely adjusted something different than you intended. You might want to review the section in the OPs manual that covers Preferences.

Also you might find some ‘getting started with Cubase’ videos helpful to learn basic stuff like horizontal & vertical zooming in the Key Editor.

thank , I did find out on the transport panel. but why hide it !? and if you use settings to ‘‘show all’’ rewind and forward still dont show. silly. when it comes to brightness ; I have set it to minimum a 100 times, no change. I have been using cubase for 10 years so am not a rookie but maybe I need to read the boring manual

The intention isn’t to hide anything. But if 40 controls exist but there is only physical space for 25 some aren’t going to be visible. And maybe on a notebook there’s only room for 20. Steinberg doesn’t know that your monitor can show 25 controls, but mine can show 32 & the notebook just 20 - what ends up being displayed will be different and somewhat happenstance. Almost everyone needs to adjust what shows to match what they want - and importantly almost every user will want a different mix.

Regarding your brightness problem, yeah it sure looks like it is way to bright in your pics. However none of the images I see of Cubase 10.5 online are too bright, nor is it on my DAW, nor in the pics lots folks are posting here about other issues. So the brightness problem is specific to your DAW and not a problem that the general user base is seeing. Most likely it is because something in Preferences for colors is set wacky on your system, although it could be a graphic card stetting or who knows what else.

Perhaps you could post some screen shots of your Color Settings in Preferences