Cubase 10.5 snap issue

Hi all. Got Pro 10.5 upgrade installed and my presets, key commands etc all restored.
There seems to be a bug with the snap drop menu as, when I set “bar” it snaps to beat. Presumable there’ll be a patch but just wanted to mention it. Thanks to the Steinberg team for all your hard work!


This is known and already reported issue. Some drop-down menus of this type don’t show updated value correctly.

Hi Martin,

I don’t face this snap issue but a quantize issue, which sounds close to this case.

  1. I choose quantize value to 1/2 triplet.
  2. Change to 1/4 triplet. Or 1/8 triplet.
  3. Result: The box keep showing 1/2 triplet, even when the true quantize value is changed.
    Everything works fine on Cubase Pro 10.

I am really sorry to post this here, I already posted it but somehow, you didn’t check it.
All I want is, to know if this is a known issue.

Thank you.


Yes, this is it.

Thank you so much Martin.

Best of Lucks,

Hi all. An update to my first post at top.
While this is fixed I have found a workaround.
By setting snap to “adapt to zoom” I can just about get what I want. It seems to me that I get snap to bar on all other settings whatever the quantize.
This will be a nice release when the bugs are fixed, the range/select tool, the interface display tweaks and the multi-tap delay are welcome although the latter, depending on it’s setting, can max out my pc just on it’s own!

It’s been more than one month since some issues were found. I wonder when we have an update to fix, at least this issue, relate to snap and quantize mode value.
I think every user works with snap and quantize daily, and to me, this is really really uncomfortable.

I just noticed what may be a different issue with snap. When I have it set to snap to events, it works correctly if I am pretty zoomed in. But if I zoom out so that I can see my entire song, events snap to what seem like arbitrary and incorrect positions.

I think they should remove the swing % as you change back to keyboard shortcut snap values. Theres no sense in having a 1 bar 22% swing as you choose your key commands etc.