Cubase 10.5 / The only what I hear is crackling!?

Hi Cubase user,

I have a problem that can’t be solved.
Cubase 10 works trouble-free but… Cubase 10.5 is unusable.
The only way to work with 10.5 without drop out and crackling:
I have to tick the ‘Release Driver when Application is in Background’ and
I have to deactivate 'Multi Processing’

Unfortunately in this mode, Cubase stops immediately when I start another App, browser etc.
Moreover, the ‘Asio Guard’ cannot be used when ‘Multi Processing’ is not activated.

I tried the following:

  • uninstalled a lot of windows updates
  • updated all drivers
  • deleted all preference set, and loaded Cubase 10.5 with a default setting
  • loaded Cubase without third party plugins
  • changed the audio interface latency (RME Fireface 800)

Nothing has helped so far.
As I untick ‘Release Driver when Application is in Background’ and activate Multi Processing (the same way how I use Cubas 10) I only hear crackling.

Maybe someone has an idea what the cause of the problem is?
I am happy about every suggestion:)

System: Windows 7 /Intel Core i7 / 24 Gb RAM

Maybe this is the result of the current VST3 bug. Try this: Disable “Suspend VST3 plugin processing” in program preferences (VST/PlugIns) and set ASIO guard to high.

And just a - maybe lame - side note, but you really, really should upgrade to Windows 10 soon. It is still free. You will get more and more weird problems with Win 7, aside from the security risk you’re exposing yourself to. Cubase 10.5 doesn’t officially support Win 7.

I don’t know if your latency/crackling problem is caused by Window 7, maybe it is not, but one can not be sure. And in a few month, no one can help you anymore with your outdated system. You will get the unsatisfying answer “update your system” more and more.

Hi Ananado,

Thnx a lot for u’r reply.
I tried your suggestion to disable ‘Suspend VST3 plugin processing’.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t help.
The audio performance meter (F12) shows almost every fifth-second real time peak.
At the same time when the audio performance meter shows real time peak, I hear crackling, popping etc.

As I said, Cubase 10 works flawlessly only the 10.5 does not.

It’s totally distressing that I purchased the update but I can’t use it.

What about to reinstall Cubase 10.5? Do you think that would help?

I tried again Cubase 10.
It works perfectly with both settings:

No crackling, no popping and no real time peak.


Cubase 10.5 have all of that.

Hi Keyboarder,
Have the same issue here and it’s killing me…
have to turn off everything and restart cubase in order to get things to work, but after five minutes the sound starts crackling and then disapears, after 10 times you do this in one hour, you start to get really upset.
i’vew tryed eveything, reinstalled cubase, update windows and all drivers but nothing solve, really hoping for a steinberg update to solve this because I really believe is something to do with cubase 10.5, if its not, please clear me wrong, my gold here is to have stability to work, that i desperately need right now…

my set is: Cubase 10.5, Windows 10, RME Asio driver Fireface