Cubase 10.5 To 11 Playback Issue *SOLVED*

Wow, I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve been here. Used to have a profile but everything’s changed and I had to create a new username. Guess I’m a new member again.

Anyhoo, I’ve searched but can’t find anyone that has had this particular issue.

Since upgrading to 11, my 10.5 sessions won’t playback through all of the groups in 11. I would have to open them in 10.5. NOW, I can’t even get the old sessions to playback in 10.5. Same issue. I can see my audio is metering through my groups until they get to the last couple of groups–my submix and master bus. No metering. No sound. No matter what I do I can’t track it down. This deeply effects my abilities with old sessions but also with templates that I’ve spent countless hours building.

I can build an empty session from scratch in 11 with no issue. The problem is with the projects and templates that I built in 10.5.

My guess is that it’s a pretty simple fix but I can’t track it down as of yet. Any thoughts?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you use any specific plug-in(s) at the last Group (submix) channel(s)?

Yes. I’ve disabled them to no avail. And these plugins work fine in all other cases, including adding them to new identically functioning groups. I guess when I get some time I’ll try to create some parallel groups in a few old projects and see if I can port the outputs over to them and see how that works.


This looks like the exact same issue I mentioned on another thread. I resolved this by saving a preset for each insert on each offending group, then deleting the track and re-creating it. That worked. Took a while, but it worked.

Saving a preset of the track was not attempted unfortunately, but I didn’t think that would work because I did try archiving and bringing it back in, and that, as far as I can tell, should be very similar.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be working on that ASAP. So frustrating but workable…

Thank you Martin and oqion! Your assumptions about plugins led me to the answer.

This was not a Cubase thing at all. Totally user error. I had a few PA licences expire right around the same time I loaded Cubase 11. I had those bypassed in the inserts so wasn’t looking at them as the culprit. Realized the connection this morning. Total bonehead move on my part.

Everything is great now!

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You should still look into this though. I experience the issue with what seemed like a bad track again earlier when testing synching two DAWs with MTC. I had a PLE that crashed Cubase. It was an old one, and I narrowed it down to a Send Bypass Enable or Disable.

Took the Send Bypass out of the PLE and it worked okay. Did the Send Bypass manually, and that worked okay too.

Restarted Cubase, deleted the track and recreated the exact same track. Then the exact same PLE , with the Send Bypass change worked just fine.

No data was ever lost, so not the end of the world, but it was the second time I have seen that issue.

I certainly will. Thank you for the heads up.