⏵ Cubase 10.5 transport race.⏴

I did a minimalistic video
There is a generic remote feeding the transport. Same events all through.
Mapped to Device->Transport->JogRight ,N.
It has been around for a long-time. I think it was OK in cubase 8 but I have not that installed any more.


Sorry, I don’t really understand it. Where does it come from?

Is the generic controller Midi Port set to All Midi In ?

You have the input on the midi monitor. They are all a jogright event, still the transport locator is moving left.
That I think happen is a race, one jog-event is not completely processed when next starts. And under some
circumstances the last part of the event is processed after next. Eg that part that moves the transport locator. But
that is a theory, the problem is that i gives random behaviour.

Not normally but for the monitor it does, but that is a debug technique to sniff the control data.
The behaviour is the same in both cases.