Cubase 10.5 trial before upgrade?


Will there be a Cubase 10.5 trial/demo version available, so I could check out the new/updated features, before I decide to upgrade?
Or will it be as usual, where a trial/demo version will appear a of couple months after the initial release?

The reason I am asking this silly question is, that although I am very interested in the upcoming new version, (especially after announcements of the dropped support for Windows 7/8 and VST2, which could potentially open a lot of doors for improvements), I just don’t want to end up wasting money on a bunch of new features, don’t work as advertised/expected (for example, HiDPI support) or just break everything (for example, Color tool), like last year.

Thanks in advance,

I’m looking right at the mixer export feature of Groove Agent, which turns out doesn’t work with Beat Agent and doesn’t export Aux tracks :laughing:

Yea, true - there were quite a few bugs and false promises last year… as every year, which, quite frankly, is expected with SCRUM/Agile/etc. driven software development pipelines. I simply added 2 examples to base the statement on some facts, which is not really the point of this post.

The real question is - will I be able to do a test drive the upcoming Cubase 10.5 on the release date before I decide to part with my munez?

The usual thing is for the trial to appear a little while after the upgrade. Of course, nobody will be holding a gun to your head, forcing you to upgrade immediately. The safe option, if you are concerned, is to wait for the trial, check that you are happy and, if you are, then purchase the upgrade.

It seems very unlikely that the trial will appear any earlier than usual.
I’ve always assumed this is so they don’t release a trial until after any major flaws that early adopters detect are sorted out but whether this is the case or not I don’t know. What ever the reasons the trial has not been released straight away at any point over the last few releases and I can’t see why they’d change this.

No. The answer to that question is a big, fat, no.!

Of course, there’s always a Trial edition released at some later point. With Steinberg, this usually coincides with a first Maintenance Update, around 6 weeks after initial release (of a major version). Its just the way it is. I guess it helps ensure they don’t get hundreds of folk downloading a potentially unstable (crash-fest.!) Trial version at launch, and try to deal with the ensuing aftermath… internet forums going ablaze with complaints and hyperbole, and bad-mouthing, etc, etc…

Ok, its different to how some other companies release their products. But with Steinberg, keep your money in your pocket until you see a Trial version is available; a little more patience needed. :wink:

And really, it doesn’t matter who the company is - its ALWAYS a big risk upgrading to a new version at first launch, in my view. But I’m known to be a hypocrite on this… :slight_smile: Thankfully, SB installs of new major version editions are alongside existing versions; so I just continue in the version I know works, if I run into very bad problems with the new… And like everyone else, having paid my money, I wait, and wait, for fixes… :laughing:

Good luck.!

True… I guess it is slightly foolish of me to expect to get a trial before some major bugs are squashed with v10.5**.1** (or v10.5**.2**) update, so the potential new users, who tend to try before they buy, wouldn’t be scared off by them.

I know, that a solid philosophy is to keep your DAW at least 1 version below the newest one, but all I am trying to say is, that it would be cool to have a trial version on a release date, which tends to be the norm with many other software developers, to try all the new shiny features on your own… Marketing videos of the new stuff are cool, but they rarely tell the whole story.

Thanks - that’s exactly, what I was planning to do. Just saying, that a trial version on a release date would be cool :slight_smile: