Cubase 10.5 TRIAL / DEMO

Hi friends.
So I have started out on a bad foot with Steinberg in the past, not EVER replying my upport tickets etc… I gave up. Ditched Nuendo (Wich also had the most bugs I ever experienced in my 20+ career of a DAW).

However, There is a calling! saying I just have to give Cubase 10.5 a new chance for my film composing needs. It looks promising and I get inspired by seeing the looks of it. But I cant find a trial version anywhere.

@Steinberg, Do you not want me to Demo your product and buy it? or am I missing something here?

So far, not even finding a demo for their flagship product just makes me go, meh… Ableton here I come… But again. This calling… Please let me just try your product gottdamnit.

Sorry for my unnecessary grubby mumble.

Any help of how to get a demo of Cubase 10.5 would be very appreciated. :smiley:

Thank you for your help.
//Ted Krotkiewski

Just download it - as soon as it is available. Which will certainly be announced here.