Cubase 10.5 Trial Version Ruined my Cubase 10

I tried out the trial version of 10.5 and decided not to buy it. I went back to my Cubase 10 and now I’m missing some major kits I use in Groove Agent SE5. The acoustic section is gone. Padshop is gone and so is one of my favorite Reaktor 6 vst the Monarch.

I would like to buy Cubase 11 but I want to make sure that I get this issue fixed before moving to Cubase 11.

Should I do a complete reinstall of everything now or should I buy Cubase 11 and install and see if it fixes all my issues.

Thank you


As far as I remember, this was known issue of Cubase 10 after trailing Cubase 10.5. For example in Cubase 10.5, there is Retrologue 2. But in Cubase 10.0, there is Retrologue (1) only. So once you uninstall Cubase 10.5, you get missing license for Rrtrologue 2. The same might apply for other areas.

Reaktor is not Steinberg’s plug-in. You can investigate in the standalone Reaktor, why the Monarch library is not in. I guess this has nothing to do with Cubase.