Cubase 10.5 UNDO question

In Cubase 10 and previous versions, each midi part had its own undo history. In 10.5 this is gone and replaced by a general undo setting. Is this normal now or it’s just an issue that needs to be resolved? Is there a new setting in Preferences I’m not aware of, or what seems to be going on here? I’ve been using the old undo feature for a decade now and it’s burned into my muscle memory and I’m not happy at all with the new undo.
Any clarification would help.


This is normal, now. There is no preferences. The specification changed.

Well that is very unfortunate. It was better before, now it’s worse. Sometimes it just boggles the mind why this happens. Why don’t we get a preference to turn this setting on or off rather than developer suddenly taking the decision for us that we don’t need this function anymore…?

Just updated to 10.5 - was rudely shocked to find one of my favourite things about Cubase suddenly gone!
Please introduce this feature back as an option!

This is a very unfortunate decision. It was an important feature for me and many others. I’d propose to bring it back as soon as possible.