cubase 10.5 upgrade

Hi everyone!

I own the Cubase 10 Pro EDU. I was wondering if I can upgrade to Cubase 10.5 PRO because I installed Cubase 10.5 but I am not able to activate it
it gives me error that (THE ACTIVATION CODE HAS BEEN USED ALREADY) and in my eLC list still showing cubase pro 10 after installing the update…?

Thank you!

Hi and welcome,

Yes, you can upgrade to Cubase 10.5 Pro. Be aware, this is paid upgrade (from x.0 to x.5). You can use the common retail upgrades. Your EDU will change to the full retail version.

Also double-check, if you couldn’t get Cubase 10.5 upgrade for free thanks to Steinbergs’ kind Grace Period, please.

Thank you for the reply and the info I appreciate it. So how can I double-check if I can get the updrage for free or I have to pay so if its paid which version I have to buy is it cubase pro because when I checked the website there was no EDU cubase pro update in the list which they provide…?

there is no EDU upgrade. just choose the normal update/upgrade.

check for grace period:


To check Grace Period availability, start eLCC and trigger Maintenance. If you pass the Grace Period, the license will be downloaded automatically. So after this, double check which license is available.

Then upgrade the same way as a retail license. After the upgrade, your license turn to the retail license.

Thank you very much :+1:t3: