Cubase 10.5 Video Fade in/Out


Is there any possility to do fade in - and fade out on video channel of Cubase? Because I compose music on the video but sometimes I need to put fade in - out passages to the video. And only for this reason I have to use another video editing software and render it then I have to pass it to the Cubase etc.
I couldn’t figure it out but I thought maybe there are some possibilites via plugin etc.

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I don’t think you can currently but yes this would be really useful in a future version. Perhaps using similar handles on the corners of video files to the ones used at the moment to create fades on audio files?

Yes! Definitely I’m agree with you. On Vegas it works in that way and it is pretty easy. Hope in future they add thus feature so we do need less to video editing software.
Anyone who uses Nuendo can confirm it can fade in /out in video channel?