cubase 10.5 videoplayer not working.


After updating to Cubase 10.5 I can´t use videoplayer.
In the studio setup , it states that my video drivers is not up to date . So update driver or get a better graphics card :open_mouth: :confused:

In cubase 10.0.50 everything works as normal. And yes I have the latest driver for the graphics card.

Any ideas??

Have you tried Vidplayer VST ?

Thanx LeVzi!
Worked without problems!!:smiley::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m having the same problem. It worked just fine in 10, but not in 10.5. The video keeps freezing.

Same here, video stays static.

Without going in to my system specs, I just want to add that I’m also running Camtasia and Vegas with no issues at all playing video.

Yes, same here. Camtasia and Vegas 16 work fine. Also on full hd video. The issue is only with 10.5.

Specifically, I’m using Camtasia 9, and Vegas 15. I just updated to Vegas 17 yesterday. No video playback issues at all.

Same here. I have two computers with Windows 10 installed. In one of them everything works fine, in the other one not.

Same configuration, same software on both.