Cubase 10.5 Visibility and Zones.......... BUGGY

Cubase 10.5 Visibility and Zones If you have Instruments and put them on the left and Stereo Out on the right. The Scroll bar on bottom dose not function and will not bring into visibility the Stereo Outs


If I understand you right, then I would say this is the known issue, sometimes the MixConsole doesn’t show the most right channel. Try to reopen MixConsole or use MixConsole 2, please.

Is it always reproducible on your side? I cannot reproduce it here on my side.

Reopening Mix Console 1 dose not solve the issue. But opening Mix Console 2 worked I can see the Channels on the right.


Could you try to open MixConsole 1, then from Window menu select Windows. Here in the Windows window select MixConsole 1 from the list and click to Reset Layout. MixConsole window will close. Once you reopen, you will see the default MixConsole setup. Does it work then?

Hi !
Same problem here, already “reset layout” et nothing change :frowning:
Deleting default.xml and defaultprojectworkspace.xml = nothing change too :frowning:
Any ideas ?
Thanx !!!


By any chance, isn’t there too many channels in the Left + Right Zones, so the scroll bar, which is working for the middle zone, doesn’t scroll the tracks?