Cubase 10.5, W10 says Not Valid license...but i have Complete license on Elicenser usb


Recently i install windows on my mac to use some plugins that only runs in windows. But when i try to run Cubase, says not license on the elicenser…

When i try to activate, also says that i already use the code, what can i do?


No help?

I too have some what same issue I upgraded Cubase 10 to 10.5. When I run the software it says cubase 10 is not activated permanently and when I try to activate it says the key is already used contact the software supplier.

Same problem here.
Made an support ticket for 22 days agoe…

Maybe it helped to complain here or it was just my turn in the que.
I got help next day but feels very strange to be in an limbo position with no active codes accepted.
And no support, one person only works there or are they overhelming?