Cubase 10.5 Window-Management for large 4k-monitors

now I am using a 43"-monitor for my studio-applications and I’ve bought
this monitor instead of 3 smaller ones to split it into several parts for
several applications at the same time. For this workflow it is necessary to
downsize the main application-windows (usually with the button right on the
top). With all other applications from all manufactures e.g. like Avid, Makemusic, Reason, VSL,
and also Dorico for example) this works. Specifically with Cubase I can
downsize the project-window, but I cannot downsize the main-window (the
whole application). The menu-line is always on the top of the screen, which
is very impractical for large monitors, when you want to reservate the
upper area for applications that you rarely have to look at. Most uncomfortable is
this behaviour if you want to split up the monitor vertical! Then there is no way
to see several parts or applications permanent at the same time without overlapping.

Would it be possible to update Cubase soon in terms of it’s window-behaviour
like all the other applications? Otherwise in spite of HiDPI there is no acceptable
workflow with Cubase and one large 43"-4k-monitor.

Best regards

I am also going to do the same eventually when Cubase/Nuendo fixes the HiDPI. I am going to use 1 55" or even 2 55" monitors instead of the 3 monitors I have today.

I am interested in this issue, can you post a picture for us to see the problem?

I’ve attached a screenshot. The compromise solution is not to split the screen with a software like LG on screen control, but work with 1 full-screen and downsize all windows as you want. On my screenshot you can see Melodyne (right above), Cubase Project-Window (right below), Cubase Key-Editor (left below) and Vienna Ensemble (left above). But the Cubase-Main-Menu remains left at the top! (although you would expect this at the top of the Cubase-Project-Window like all other applications).

As I said it works with 1 full screen apart from the Cubase-Main-Menu. But if you want to use the advantages of a preconfigured split-screen where the application windows clicked into place automatically with the right size wherever you want and without any overlapping, Cubase does not work in this way because of the problem described (until now it is not possible to downsize the Cubase-Main-Menu … interestingly with Steinbergs DORICO it is possible!)