Cubase 10.5 / Windows 10 Drag and drop issue

Hello. New windows 10 home install, and new cubase 10.5 install. If I try to drag any audio file from the desktop/file explorer it does not work. I am aware of other topics that were resolved by disabling “run as administrator” option. But that is not my case. I mingled with all the settings I could find and still it does not work. Anyone had any success ? Thanks.

what do you mean by ‘does not work’ - is there an error message ? does it just ignore it ? where are you dragging audio from and to ?

There is no error message. Whenever I hover the file over the cubase tracks is just shows a grey “denial” marker.Releasing the mouse button does nothing. I specified in my post that I am dragging from the windows file explorer. This worked for years in other cubase and windows versions. As soon as I started using Cubase 10.5 this feature is not working anymore.

It’s working fine here - so there is something different about your system that is stopping it working. Just trying to get to the bottom of it.

Where are you dragging audio from, Windows explorer isn’t a ‘location’ ?

A random folder?
The desktop ?
Some kind of ‘online’ cloud folder ?

Are you trying to import into an audio track or on the ‘free area’ in the arrange window ?

what format are the audio files in ?

Do they open in any other audio apps ok ?

I am dragging from Windows explorer / desktop / external hdd . Same outcome. I am trying to import on an audio track, or the “free area”. As soon as I hover the file over the cubase interface , it changes the cursor to the “denial” marker. Any audio file, wav, mp3, flac … They open fine (even drag and drop) in soundforge, audacity, foobar etc. Everything worked fine until I switched to windows 10 and cubase 10.5 . In windows 8.1 and cubase 9.5 I never encountered this behaviour.

Update. I found the solution and hoping it’s not temporary. It seems this is an interaction- issue between Windows 10 and Cubase 10.5 only, because drag and drop works fine in other applications. Altough I disabled UAC from the control panel immediately after the Windows installation, I now had to go to the Registry settings and set LUA to 0 (it was 1). After a reboot now I can drag and drop without a hitch.

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