Cubase 10.5 (windows) with USB keyboard - no sound

Hi All,

This is my first day on the forum and I can see some people have had similar problems but I can’t yet find a solution (hence this post) - please could you help.

I use a Nektar GX61 usb keyboard with Cubase 10.5 in Windows 10. I normally use EastWest Symphonic Orchestra but when I press notes on the keyboard (with an instrument loaded) there is “midi in activity” but no sound. Also, if I press record and then press notes on the keyboard again there is nothing displayed.

I have been able to use Cubase with Hauptwerk via the external VST but when using the setup above there is no sound. I’m not sure why this has started happening.

I would be grateful for any assistance.


Hi and welcome,

Please make sure any patch/sound has been loaded in EastWast Play.

Could you please attach a screenshot of Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Port Setup? Is your Nectar part of the All MIDI Inputs?

Also double-check the Preferences > MIDI > Filter. Make sure Note is not filtered out (keep the filter disabled), please.

Maybe your keyboard is set to a MIDI channel which matches the one of your Kontakt instrument and is not channel 1 (therefore you get sound in the standalone version). Cubase receives on all channels but sends on the channel set up in the inspector (channel 1 on your screenshot).
You can set up Cubase to send on the receiving channel by choosing ‘Any’ on the channel dropdown. Or you choose the channel of your instrument. Or you change the instrument’s channel to channel 1 (or ‘omni’ to receive on all channels)…