Cubase 10.5 won't open my template anymore

Hi folks -

So I updated to Kontakt 6 the other day. Cubase is the latest version( My ProTools template opens fine, but the Cubase one is hit or miss. I was able to import some tracks from it, but only tracks that were not pointed at VEPro instances on another computer, and only if I didn’t do too many at a time. (My Cubase template doesn’t use or need VEPro on the local machine.)

I could back down a rev on Kontakt, but I’d like to know if anyone else is having this issue with the latest Cubase.


Search on the forum, please. There are several reports, NI Kontakt is crashing currently.

I have searched the forum, and the behavior my system is showing is different from what’s being described.

To clarify one point - I had been using the previous K6 and before with no problem at all. When I updated to the latest K6 I opened Cubase (after a restart) and created a few K6 instances so I could check out some new library, and that was fine. It was only when I tried to load my template that I had issues.

It’s not an absolute Kontakt conflict as I’m able to import Kontakt instrument tracks from other sessions. What inevitably hangs Cubase is either trying to import too many tracks at once or trying to import a track with Vienna Ensemble Pro on it. I found no mention of either of these issues on the Forum.


Do you have some *.crash file(s) available? Could you share it/them?

I don’t. None have been generated. These were hangs where the app stopped responding, and though I got the Steinberg notice that offers to disable third-party plugins etc. it does not appear to have generated a .crash log.

Also - I am able to open projects I made using tracks I imported from my template (again, as long as they are not VEPro instrument tracks). These projects are nothing but Kontakt instrument tracks and reverb returns.

A further detail is that when I was trying to open my template, sometimes it would hang on the first task - creating the main bus. Didn’t even attempt to load any other tracks.


I sent you PM.

Kontakt 6 crashing cubase I have tried everything…after 3 years without issues kontakt 6.4.2 crashing cubase 10.5.20…

Having similar issues now, have tried loading my template about 25 times, but it crashes, but if I open a previous template, it is fine, did you guys find a solution?