Cubase 10/9 import audio/video window options broken

I got a new Mbp 2018 i9 with Radeon pro 555x and Mojave 10.14.2 and own a cubase 9 pro. After installing a fresh copy of cubase 9, i noticed the options tab in import audio/video window produces no control options to audition the file and just enlarges the window with blank space which keeps increasing in size if tried again.
I tried cubase 10.0.10 on a trial license for Mojave compatibility but no luck and same issue.
I tried clean install of OS and running cubase 10 with nothing else to produce a conflict but still same.
Any help here please.
*The screenshot shows cubase 9 but 10 faces the same issue.


This is issue is specific for macOS 10.14, and it has been already reported and discussed here on the forum. Steinberg developer replied to the other thread, this will be fixed in the next Cubase update.