Cubase 10 alt clicking midi notes problem

Hello Steinberg Forum,

I got a issue when alt clicking on midi notes to separate them. Almost everytime when I click in the middle of a midi note it’s slightly off. Cubase 9.5 was working perfectly on that. Steinberg might have moved the clicking icon a bit to the left? I’m used to clicking with the point of the icon like Windows has done for forever.

This link will show you the problem.


The Split is Snapped to the grid, because your Snap is enabled. Disable the Snap (use “J” Key Command).

Yes I know that it’s snapped to the grid and quantize shows you precise the grid editing is. However it seems like the mouse icon has moved a bit the the left compared to Cubase 9.5. I’m also using a very precise mouse without acceleration etc so I expect Cubase to click precisely.

I would turn on the cross-hair cursor.

Oh wow that works, thank you!