Cubase 10 and BFD3 [Need help with Temp]

I need hear preview in BFD3 with current temp grooves
For example in screenshot i need temp 84 but Cubase play it in 150
How i can it change without change main temp in Cubase?


Sorry, I don’t know BFD3. But in most plug-ins you have an option to sync with host/DAW. Try to search for this in BFD menu (maybe under the Tools or Preferences), or in BFD manual.

to Martin.Jirsak
Thanks. I think it’s impossible

BFD3 always syncs to the host when used as a plug-in. Use it in standalone mode to hear the groove at the originally recorded tempo. “Loading Groove sets tempo” needs set for this to happen in standalone, if not set the tempo will stay at whatever you set.

But why do you want to audition the Grooves at their original tempo? If you use a Groove you’d want it to play in time with the song. Wouldn’t you want to audition at the Project tempo so you’ll know what the groove sounds like at that tempo.

to raino
Ok, thanks