Cubase 10 and Kontakt 5

Hi, i need to know i can try cubase 10 for 24 hour i have try to load Kontakt 5 and it appear very small when Cubase 10 HiDPI used.

Is it normal ? do anyone know if Kontakt 6 will appear not very small ? is there a way to ‘‘zoom’’ kontakt 5 ?

I have a Samsung 4K monitor.

@ djecaron16,

I am facing the same problem. I use Kontatk 6 portable, but it displays the same as Kontakt 5.
This is very annoying because I like the HiDPI sharpness on my Dell 4K monitor.
Hope a solution is at hand.

At the time of writing there is no demo or trial version of Cubase 10.

Hi i know there is no demo right now but i have see someone on this forum saying if you install with Steinberg Download Assistant you can use for 24 hour.

But i think i will not can use Cubase with HIDPI on win 10 because native instrument plug in appear very small.

I guess i need to wait native instrument update their plug in for HIDPI.