Cubase 10 and RME MMCSS setting

I was wondering if any other RME users had tested using the RME ‘Enable MMCSS for ASIO’ with Cubase 10? My signature has all my system specs, but running a FF 800 on Win7 x64. The manual suggests testing your system with and without the box checked, but what should I be testing with? A large project that uses lots of RAM? CPU? Both? Something else?

Any advice appreciated.

This was introduced with an updated ASIO version that came out around the time of Cubase 7. Supposedly, it enhances audio stability in that it manages the priority of the ASIO threads in a way more compatible with Windows (7+) and should therefore help to achieve lower latency.

I haven’t been able to determine any difference, but I don’t have any extreme demands on either CPU-intensive plugins or latency (a buffer of 256 @ 44.1kHz is fine for me most of the time). Nevertheless I have it enabled, if as they claim, it enhances audio stability.

I suspect it will not be noticeable unless you are running your system at the extreme limit of its performance, which I suspect would be quite difficult given your current spec. To answer your question as to what you should test with, try DAWBench.

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