Cubase 10 and Steinberg License


I am running Cubase 10 pro with a USB dongle licens. Can I get it to run with the new Steinberg Licens instead so I won’t need the dongle to run it?


So my very expensive program can’t be run on a computer without a usb port? How is that fair, when they have a license system that works without the dongle.

Only Cubase 12 versions run on the new licenser. Everything before that only runs on the eLicenser. Don’t believe that will change.

I think I read somewhere that if I log into my account, download my already bought Cubase 10, and then reactivate it, it should be possible. But I’m not sure, and Steinberg doesn’t answer my support request. Many new computers today doesn’t have any, or enough USB ports to use the dongle system, so a lot of costumers can’t user the program they already bought. That just doesn’t seem fair.

I use a cheap USB hub (no external power required) for my eLicenser and my iLok.

Better double-check that info on the Steinberg website.

It’s always been like that with the dongle. You need to update to Cubase 12.