Cubase 10 and VST Connect SE

A couple questions if someone wouldn’t mind having a go at them.

Firstly im running Cubase 10 using a 2014 iMAC with 16 Gig ram.
I didn’t see Cubase 10 listed here anywhere so thought i’d post the question here.

Cubase 10 and Cubase 10 Pro are different correct?
I just cant find much here regarding Cubase 10 is all.

Anyway I’m not entirely sure it matters in this case. So essentially i want use VST Connect SE on my Cubase 10.

My question is,
can i have multiple people hooked to VST Connect SE using “Performer” at once?
Kinda like a conference call but with everyone able to jam out and see each other via camera. 4 people to be exact. I really cant seem to find any info other than than VST Connect Pro at this stage.

Obviously i don’t want to have to have to purchase this if i don’t have to ya know?
I basically want to be able to hook up my drummers electric kit, a bass guitar and 2 electric guitars using amp sims.

Its seems fairly complex to set it all up from what i can tell so far but im pretty sure i can nut it out but im still not sure if VST Connect SE can accommodate 4 people at once. I simply cant find any definitive answers regarding this.
Is it possible?

Hoe you can help,
Cheers Deon.

So Cubase 10 and Cubase 10 Pro are the same thing. Got it. Cheers.

Still got the question about VST connect SE though.