Cubase 10 arranger editor

Can someone solve the riddle of why the arranger track ignores the repeat bar and starts all over from bar one playing the intro again.
See attached screen shot.

Thank you


Could you be more specific, please? What sequence is Cubase paying? What sequence would you expect?

As you can see from the image the repeat bar is activated starting from bar 2, but when the cursor arrives at the end point of the repeat bar the cursor jumps back to bar 1 and in this way plays the intro in the middle of the song.
The intro is of course supposed to play only once at the beginning of the song.

Are you perhaps referring to the Locators? And if so what is the Right Locator’s position?

We can’t see what you are seeing, so an explanation which seems perfectly clear to you because you already know what it means - turns out to not be so clear to folks who can’t see what is happening. So something like “end point of repeat bar” is totally ambiguous to us.


I’m sorry, I still don’t understand clearly your description.

Be aware, the Cycle between the Left and Right Locators is not in place, if the Arranger Track Mode is enabled. …If this is your question.

MY INTENTION. I want the song to start at bar 1 (Intro) and then cycle back to bar 2 when finishing the last event of the arranger chain (Chorus 1 V1).

I have made some experiments and found the following behaviour.
Having activated the arranger track and the cycle property the song will repeat from bar 1 no matter how the locators are set. The locators have no influence on the song whatsoever.
Having activated the arranger track and deactivated the cycle property the song will be played accordingly to the arranger chain.
SOLUTION: If you want the song to play twice you have fill in all the events twice :blush:

Thank you for your interest

A follow up question. As you can see from the image some events have been half “blackened” not showing their name. If you zoom in the events reappears with name in full size???


This happens, if the Arranger Parts are overlapping.