Cubase 10 Artist freeze then crash

This as gone on long enough. If I playback a project or start recording, Cubase randomly will randomly freeze for about 3 seconds and then crash to desktop. I have formatted my pc twice and gone down to the basics with what I have installed on Cubase in terms of vst plugins. I have took the time to make sure I don’t have duplicate plugins and that they are all where they should be. Everything on my pc is updated and that includes my motherboards bios. I really have drawn a blank and it’s getting to the point that Cubase is unusable because I the project I’m working on can close at any time. Things I had a guess on was Waves but I’m no longer using that. The other is Native Access but that isn’t loaded in the project that just crashed (it will crash no matter what is loaded and what project I have open). Maybe it’s the audio interface? I really have no idea. If anyone knows how to read the crash reports I can link mine here.

Here is my pc spec and equipment:-
Intel i7 8700, 32gb DDR4 ram, AMD 5700xt, Eleven Rack, M-Audio Radium keyboard.

I know updating drivers is a big thing and trust me when I say it’s not making a difference. When I did a clean install of everything with brand new up to date drivers, it was still doing the same.

Keep safe everyone and thank you in advance.

ps sadly the crash report is too large and it wont upload properly when zipped up.


if you can upload the crash dumps to DropBox, OneDrive or whatever you use and send me the link, I’ll check them for sure.

I’ll send you a PM.