Cubase 10 Artist freezes when opening Groove Agent SE

Hi there, fellow musicians and producers!

I have a problem with my brand new Cubase 10 Artist: when trying to open an old Cubase 8.04 project with Groove Agent tracks or even when touching anything Groove Agent SE related on a new project, Cubase 10 freezes completely. I will get the rotating rainbow colours forever and ever and will have to force the program to quit.

In addition I get this error message: “VST Connect SE license will expire in 3 hours…”

My operating system is iMac Mojave. However, exactly the same problems occur on my MacBook which is not updated to Mojave.

In a wave of frustration I have uninstalled both Cubase 8.04 and Cubase 10 by deleting the files in the different library folders. Then a clean installation --> Still the same problem.

All help would be MOST appreciated as the only desperate steps I can think of any more are:

  • Waiting the 3 hours countdown for the license error
  • Buying Groove Agent 5

Both of those options are full of wishful thinking! :wink:

So I thank you in advance with all my heart! I wanna proceed recording my beautiful album!

Just letting you know this problem was solved!

As soon as the trial version countdown of Cubase 10 Pro and this VST Connect SE was over, the groove agent started working!

But oh my, Steinberg, you´ve got to fix this! This took many days off my efficient recording time. But I cannot help but smile for I can now open my previous projects as well! :slight_smile:

I hope at least some one found my drama helpful!