Cubase 10 Artist - Group Channel Routing

Hi, hopefully someone can help clarify something as I’m looking at upgrading from Cubase 7 Artist to Cubase 10 Artist. Currently I can route the output of a group channel track to the input of another group channel track, this is something I do all the time in Cubase 7 Artist. I’m not creating loops or anything, just submixes routed to another group. Looking at the user manual for Cubase 10 Artist this seems less clear if you can do this in Artist, or if you need to have Pro to do this. Please can someone help, thanks Chris

Hi and welcome,

Yes, you can route an Output of a Group Channel to another Group Channel.

  • Group 1 Out: Group 2.
  • Group 2 Out: Stereo Out.

What you can’t do in Cubase Artist (and you need Cubase Pro only) and is mabe confusing, you can’t route an output of Channel to an Input of an Audio track. So you can’t record a signal from track to track.

It was the same in Cubase 7 already.

Hi Martin
Many thanks, very helpful
Thanks, Chris