Cubase 10 Artist Upgrade will not install

I just purchased from the upgrade to Artist 10. It clearly showed that it would work upgrading from Studio 5 to Artist 10. When I run the installer it begins to load and crashes, giving no error message.

I have a retail (fully legal) version of Cubase Studio 5.
I have the USB e-licenser inserted.
The e-licenser is working fully with the current install of Studio 5.
I downloaded the software twice using the Steinberg download software.

Do I need to buy a new USB e-license?
Do I have to have Cubase launched before upgrading?
Do I need to uninstall Studio 5?

Bought this tonight cause the Steinberg email said it was the last chance for 1/2 off. Very frustrated.


You don’t have to have Cubase Studio 5 installed on the computer. Download and install Cubase 10 Full Installer, please.

You will need Cubase Studio 5 license stored on the USB-eLicenser once you will activate the upgrade license. This is the only one connection to the Cubase Studio 5.

What operating system does your computer run?

You should be able to use the same USB eLicenser. Old ones sometimes can cause problems but should not cause a failure to install - you don’t need a licence to install Cubase, though it will not run without one.

You do not need Cubase running to upgrade. You should just run the full installer for the new version of Cubase (the upgrade installer is only for upgrading from a previous version of Cubase 10). If you are on Windows make sure you unpack all of the Zip file to a temporary location - the installer will probably malfunction if you try to run it from the Zip file.

You do not need to uninstall Cubase Studio 5.