Cubase 10 audio engine goes insane every few hours

L:ately I’ve been doing a lot of long sessions editing Midi data. All is well mostly, but every few hours playback is corrupted (just emits scrambled noise). In order to recover it I have to save the file and kill Cubase, then reload the project. This is very annoying as it takes 10-15 minues to get back to work as I have a lot of large virtual instruments. Worse, my creative flow is disrupted.

Is anyone else seeing this. or is it peculiar to my system? (Cubase 10 Pro latest release in Windows 10)

Make sure it is not your audio interface. I had a similar problem with a FireWire interface in Reaper.

It could be one of your virtual instruments? I had problems with a spitfire one which they eventually fixed. It wasn’t Steinbergs fault.

Does anyone from the Steinberg team have any ideas?