Cubase 10 audio option

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Just a quick question regarding Cubase 10.There seems to be a change in Cubase 10 that’s causing me some hassle.

Formerly I could right click on an audio event and was presented with an extended menu . I could access tools and audio and MIDI processing easily. It appears this has changed in Cubase 10. There may be a Preference option for this but I can’t seem to find it (must be the mulled wine!)

Might anyone know if it is possible to get this behaviour back?


Screenshot 2018-12-28 at 22.27.40.jpg

The extensive menu that was previously available has changed in CB 10. Many are complaining about it. Just search “right click menu” for some info.

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I think the context sensitive is good thing, why would you need all unrelated things on menu, I think it´s good that Cubase is tiding things up. Lots of things you don´t need, but it´s nice to have as an option

Steinberg is making an effort in rearranging your house every year. This year your fridge is in the living room, your couch is on the roof and your tv is in the cellar. But don’t worry, they’ll try to get it right again in the next .5 release? While I see benefits in some changes I fail to see it in others. I do think by now Steinberg should know how we would like our house to be decorated? We’d rather have our pluming fixed permanently rather than getting our furniture moved every year!

Meaning! I think most users would rather have more bugs fixed that have there workflow re-dictated by Steinberg every year?

Like this new taskbar? It’s absolutely hideous en almost unworkable! It’s all horizontal now and with all options enabled it spans like 1 1/2 24"screen. And the lower doesn’t scale and just leaves out everything that doesn’t fit! I mean, why on earth would you want to rearrange (mutulate!) a taskbar this much as opposed to the ‘vertical’ version that has proven to be fully functional for decades?

Thanks for the replies.

It would be great to have the option to retain the full menu (or choose what goes on it?)

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