Cubase 10 - can't "De-select" Tracks

I’ve recently recorded multiple drum tracks since upgrading to C10. Whenever I select ANY track (event), ALL the drum events on all tracks are highlighted, or selected. They are NOT in a group folder yet.

I did experiment and recorded a separate track after the drum tracks were complete, and I can select that event by itself with no problem. So it would seem that because all the drum tracks were recorded at the same time, whenever I select “any” event, ALL events become selected.

Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening and how to again work around this.


Just wanted to report that I figured it out, in case someone else ever has this happen.

I’m pretty sure as I was attempting the key command shortcut “shift-G”, but I inadvertently hit “Ctrl-G” (pc). This command will group all selected events together. I didn’t even know this existed! I had to simply select all events again, go to edit>ungroup. Fixed and back to normal.

Thanks again.