Cubase 10 changes view unexpectedly

Anyone else having this problem?

While editing (or really it can happen at any time) suddenly Cubase changes the view and jumps to focus on some other part of the project. Really annoying. I then have to scroll back to where I was working and this just drives me crazy.

Any ideas?


What exactly do you mean, please? Do you really mean the focus (the white frame)? Or the (time-line) area/position you are in the project? Or the cursor of the project jumps to other position?

I mean the timeline/area position suddenly changes.
Say I’m working on some audio editing, zoomed in, on track 3 from the top, suddenly it can jump to just about anywhere in the timeline and to any track. So much that where I was editing is not even visible on the screen.
I then have to zoom out and then find my section I was editing again, zoom in…repeat :slight_smile:

Anyone ever experienced anything like this?


I haven’t seen this, or haven’t heard about it.

Sometimes I go to take my hand off my Apple Magic Mouse to use the keyboard. I look down for a split second to use the keyboard and when I look back at the screen the focus has changed.

This is due to accidentally touching the Magic Mouse which will scroll by mistake. Maybe this is the same for you?

Why do you think it’s called a Magic Mouse?

Yes, i also have this problem.

Thx for your input, I don’t have a magic mouse but I’ll check if the mouse can be causing anything.

Both glad and sorry to hear that someone else is having this problem… Have you tried any changes to your setup to see if you can make it go away?

For me it’s a user thing so there’s not much I can do except be more careful or get a different mouse. But it doesn’t happen often so I’m not too worried.

Have you tried to change anything in your setup to see if that helps with the problem?

Thx for the input!
Should’ve quoted “pq’s” answer as he/she mentioned having the same problem.

In another forum a user mentioned that changing the e-licenser to the most recent one helped with a similar problem, but that seems weird to me…???

My e-licenser is only about two years old. I use a wired mouse as i got sick of the optical ones breaking and like domus said it doesnt happen all of the time. kind of random.