Cubase 10 clicks and pops Please help!

Thank you for your interest.
Not tried with the generic asio driver, because it puts a 40ms latency input an 40ms out, but I have several devices with asio drivers and tried all, with the same result, that cyclica click that can be heard in the audio.
I use a Texas chip firewire card, it ever has worked very well .
Again, with other Daw or plugin hosts the problem does not exist with any of the asio driver I can use.

OK I listened to the files now… Doesn’t sound like an ASIO issue
What is your sync source in Cubase? External?

There are my Cubase audio settings

I run out of ideas…
everything looks ok… it runs on my system without any problems
I’m using Nuendo 11 now… but Cubase10 and 10.5 is still installed will check it with my Fireface later.

Yes, thats so frustrating, Im a Cubase user from the Atari years. I love the program, its the first time that Im looking to switch to another DAW, at least Studio One is looking very similar so its tempting.
Thanks for your time.

I will check later with my FF… maybe I get another idea with seeing it in front of me…

I think I solved it!
I explain how, in case this could help others.
I first read from another user who had the same problem and he solved it by disabling the HDMI audio driver on his Nvidia card. I did it and it significantly alleviated the problem, but I still noticed clicks when there was some cpu load.
2nd I uninstalled Malwarebytes and it improved a bit more.
3rd The definitive solution came by deactivating the Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 program that came as “somewhat necessary” with my Asus motherboard. This step has completely eliminated, for now, the clicks and the behavior now I think is normal.
Probably this last action is the most important of all and the others were not necessary? I don’t know, but I’m not going to touch anything else, now it works, which is what I wanted.
I have to say that this problem did not occur in other DAWs (Studio One, Reaper, Cantabile), so Only Cubase had this problem and this is an important piece of information, I think that Cubase should review its strategies so that these types of situations do not occur , if others can Cubase should IMHO.
Thanks to all who tried to help!