Cubase 10 Content Storage

Well, I couldn’t sleep and I’m at the final step. So I recovered my C: Drive image from 10-27-18. Today is the first time I’ve ever even used command prompt. But it seems the impossible has happened. I switched to the admin account and ran the command prompt using the full text line and I’m somewhat stunned that I got the same message “Cannot create a file when that file already exists”. That file couldn’t exist. It’s somewhere on the C: drive and True Image does a fresh wipe as it puts back what existed on the drive from 3 weeks ago. Not to mention that I’m back to having a ton of missing files. I can again tomorrow reset but this is draining. Every time I make the attempt I have to do a bunch of Windows updates so it takes around an hour every time I do this. So, since it “Cannot create a file when that file already exists” is there a way to overwrite or delete that file? That’s my last hope.

Major bummer.

You made progress. Got the same error. You need to delete the original VST Sound folder on your C: drive. The mklink process needs to create/recreate the folder in order to create the link to the new directory. It fails if the folder already exists. Step #5 in my original instructions.

Great! Sounds like it could work. I appreciate your help.

Time to pass out.

It’s a little past midnight here and I got in from Boston around 9:30. But I can now say after painstaking testing everything works! Now I can get some sleep.

Kudos to Funkybot who if it weren’t for I think I’d be ready for a straight jacket.

As in the famed words from Borat: Great Success!!

PS: Now I can install Cubase 10 and try to figure out what the hell can I do to tweak the color scheme. In one post someone referred to it as the look of a Commodore 64, and it does. The switch of black to white makes it tough to read. it lost it’s sharp details and colors. Even the splash screen went from full color with all of the lightning bolt sharp slick looking stuff is now what looks to be like a cheap bottom of the barrel DAW. The sharpness and great colors make me want to create, but the black and white stuff looks cheap and not inspiring at all.

Tomorrow’s another day!

Bobby Ryan.

Glad you got it!

Hi Funkybot.
This was really interesting - I never knew you could do anything like this. It is something I might try before I buy CB10 [probably after a few maintenance updates!]. Couple of things occurred to me:

  1. Have you tried installing cubase upgrades/updates after putting in symlinks? Does the installer put things in the original folder or the symlink target folder? In other words does everything behave itself?
  2. A significant amount of disk space is used up by the preferences folder of user/appdata/roaming/steinberg/content. About 38GB in all due to Halion, Padshop etc. This is the one I would choose to symlink with a target elsewhere.
    Any comments?
    Many thanks,

Hi Stefan,

  1. I haven’t done a Cubase update yet, but since this is basically a super-shortcut at the OS-level, I don’t anticipate any issues. My understanding from having researched Symbolic Links a bit ahead of this, is that anything that tries going into that folder will automatically redirect as if the source and target are the same folder.

  2. I believe this is the stuff that gets moved by the “Steinberg Library Manager.” It’s a whole separate application that handles moving Halion and Groove Agent content. Exit Cubase, look for and run the Steinberg Library Manager, and then move those libraries within the application. This is the “official” way to move that content, so Cubase updates whatever it needs to in order to locate the content in the future. No extra Sym Links required.

Hope that information helps.

I’m in love with the Steinberg Library Manager. Used to move files myself (creating shortcuts in the original location pointing to the new one) but there’s always the risk of messing up when doing stuff like that.

Now I was able to move all content to my DATA drive keeping my system drive free from tons of resource files very easily.

Honestly, I think this thread shows Steinberg has some real opportunities here, especially as more and more system drives are smaller SSDs and Cubase Content size keeps increasing:

  1. Add a clear method for selecting Content Location install paths prior to install - some people have said this already exists, but I was specifically looking for it when I installed Cubase 10 and didn’t see it.

  2. If you’re going to have a Library Manager, then expand that to become a full blown “Content Manager” so all content can be moved.

  3. Improve the update process so all settings, presets, recents, key commands, location, etc. automatically migrate over after a major update. Cubase is the only DAW I’ve used that doesn’t handle this stuff automatically.

+1. Great idea!