Cubase 10: Crash city

I can’t get this program to run long enough for any kind of session because it just closes, no warning, no symptoms, just bam, closed. All of the crash dumps are empty, there’s nothing going on in there.

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Have checked the dmp files located in the Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps?

If these are not present, use Microsoft ProcDump utility to make a crash dump file, please.

Cubase is software and often doesn’t like other software, just the way it is. So close your firewalls and disable virus detection. Also, close all the open software on your machine( this helped me on a iMac ). Plug-ins are a nightmare, they either work seamlessly or screw you up forever, just the way it is. Martin Jirsak is a good source of help. Follow his instructions and you might find the problem. Be patient, it’s software. Welcome to the wonderful world of Cubase. Merry Xmas, Keith

It seems to be stable when running only MIDI tracks (external instruments). One Instrument track (any VST) and it crashes. It seems to run longer if I don’t have a mix console window open. No crash dump generated.
Cubase 10.0.40, Windows 10 desktop with all updates applied.


Could you generate a dump file by using Microsoft ProcDump utility, please?

Can’t attach, too big. 3771 KB zipped.


Share it via Dropbox link or similar service, please.

Thanks Martin.
I hope this link works.


This is Cubase 9.5.10 dump file, not Cubase 10/10.5 file.

Sorry about that, take 2:


This is one of the common crash in uctrbase. Try to experiment with your graphics card driver. Use the very latest update, or try to use native Windows graphics card driver instead of the manufacturer driver.

Thanks Martin,

I’ve tried changing drivers, tried another graphics card, but unfortunately that also had an AMD chip set. All to no avail.
I’ve migrated everything to a slightly older Intel machine, no crashes so far!