Cubase 10 Crash (on new PC)


Just bought a new PC (with Cubase 10).


  • i9-9900K
  • MSI Z390 A Pro

When I’m opening Cubase everything is allright. However, if I get busy and load up some VSTS’s (Serum for example) or just load some samples and make drums it crashes randomly. My system should be very stable. There is also no peak in the performance meter. It just says ‘Cubase has stopped working’ before crashing.

I’ve attached the DMP file. Hope you guys know what to do!
Reaaaaaally want to make some new music on this new beast! Didnt expect this to happen with a new i9 processor :neutral_face:
Cubase 64bit 2019.7.22 (867 KB)

sorry i can’t help! But stability is not based on a heavy cpu at all. How many plugins/performance yes. Stability is because of good mobo and ram but mainly drivers. Audio gfx and in fact almost all drivers. And of course stable plugins, one rogue plugin can ruin it all.