Cubase 10 crashes. Downgrade to 9 and get money back

So I have just upgraded to Cubase 10 from 9 and it was a worst decision!! It crashes after 10 minutes of work and don’t know what’s going on. It crashes even if I use only cubase plugins without vst. :cry:

Is it possible to get the money back and downgrade to 9.5 ? :angry:

You can run Pro 9.5 with your Pro 10 license. You can not buy Pro 9.5 anymore anyway. I really wonder, why you people do not simply try the trial first.

If we buy Pro 10, can we run Pro 9.5 and then at later date, remove it and run 10 on the same computer that has the eLicenser?

Since most people are running Cubase 10 successfully, isn’t it obvious that something isn’t right with your computer system, not Cubase?Perhaps address what is really wrong first before concluding Cubase 10 is a problem?

9.5 and 10 can both exist at the same time on the same computer and you can run whichever one you choose whenever you wish.

Actully, Cubase 10 is a problem - because my cub 9 is working perfectly. Someone on this forum solved this problem by removing graphic card and using an original input on the motherboard. But i am already using an onboard. So, i guess it is because of the cub 10 new hiDPI feature

I bought cubase 10 2 weeks ago and are using it daily, it never crashed. I only have 8 gb ram but run a large Template with video scoring.

I think there’s a big chance it’s not cubase but some settings in your computer that makes cubase crash so often.

Can I install a CUBASE elements 9.5 with a CUBASE ELEMENTS 10.5?